Morgan Hill Walking Group

Morgan Hill Walking Group members participate in Wildflower Walk from Anderson Dam to Pigeon Point, guided by Larry Haimowitz, 13 April 2002.  Images appear in the sequence in which they were photographed.

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p1010113.jpg David, the photographer from the Gilroy Dispatch, adjusts his camera. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
David shoots the Walking Group on its way up to the top of the dam. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
p1010115.jpg Manzanita snag. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
p1010116.jpg The group rests at the top of the first steep pitch. Anderson Dam is in the background. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.

Morgan Hill Walking Group members participate in wildflower walk, guided by Larry Haimowitz.
Left-to-right, back row: Gerry Denny, Gene Cruz, Margaret Ratay, Ed Nauss. Middle row: Helen Lindsey, Virginia Denny, Dolores Parker, Marie Lamb, Andrew Poth. Front: Larry Haimowitz, Cara (the dog). Photographed by David.
p1010119.jpg Spring wildflowers near Morgan Hill, California. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
Serpentine outcropping with bright splashes of lichens. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
p1010121.jpg Helen gets a close-up shot of her subject. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
Flowers with "meadow muffin" Wildflowers getting a free supply of nitrogen from a "meadow muffin".  Photo by Helen Lindsey.
wildflower_hike.jpg Walking Group poses for a self-timed shot with Helen Lindsey's digital camera.
p1010122.jpg Pausing in the shade of a large, old live oak tree.  Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
p1010123.jpg Spring wildflowers near Morgan Hill, California.  Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
Close-up of wildflowers.  Photo by Larry Haimowitz.

Flower-covered slope on eastern flank of ridge, with arm of Anderson Lake beyond. Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
p1010127.jpg Speedboat and water skier on Lake Anderson.  Photo by Larry Haimowitz.
Larry pauses for a portrait shot.  Photo by Marie Lamb.
p1010129.jpg Larry stands in a rock-strewn area on top of ridge.  Photo by Marie Lamb.
p1010130.jpg Larry at top of ridge.  Mt. Hamilton is behind him and to his left.  Photo by Marie Lamb.
Marie pauses for a portrait shot.  Photo by Larry Haimowitz. logo
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