Morgan Hill Walking Group

Morgan Hill Walking Group members went on a bicycle ride along the Coyote Creek Parkway from Morgan Hill to the Holiday Inn at Silicon Valley Blvd. in San Jose, and back, on Memorial Day, 27 May 2002.

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View of Coyote Creek from pedestrian bridge.
View of Coyote Creek from pedestrian bridge at south end of Coyote Creek Parkway, Morgan Hill, California. Photo by Helen Lindsey.
Coyote Ranch.
Coyote Ranch. Photo by Helen Lindsey.
Group takes a break at Coyote Ranch.
The group takes a break at the entrance to Coyote Ranch.  From left:  Dennis Ratay, Margaret Ratay, Gene Cruz, Danny Corral, Marie Lamb, Andrew Poth. Photo by Helen Lindsey. logo
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