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What We Do

Stressed out? Want to get fit? Enjoy an invigorating walk/hike in Morgan Hill, California. The pace is moderate and includes hills! People of all ages are welcome. Dogs on a leash are also welcome. We walk rain or shine, and under street lights on winter evenings. On occasion, we organize special weekend trips to interesting places in the San Francisco Bay region. If you're thinking of training for a backcountry hike or would like to stay in shape between backpacking trips, this is a fun and easy way to do it!

Who We Are

The Morgan Hill Walking Group is a loose-knit group of residents of Morgan Hill, California, and the surrounding area, who like to walk for fitness and fun. Some of us have been regularly walking the neighborhoods in our town since 1985!

Meeting Location and Walking Times

We park in the shopping center parking lot and meet by the large red and white "Morgan Hill Center" sign on West Main Avenue, near the corner of Hale Avenue. See map.
Update April 2021: Due to imposition of parking restrictions at the Morgan Hill Center and at P.A. Walsh Elementary School, we have changed our parking area and starting point. We now meet in the parking lot of the Morgan Hill Library, 660 West Main Avenue, about two blocks west (uphill) of the Morgan Hill Center. This lot is illuminated at night, has no parking restrictions, and our activities do not conflict with its normal usage.

Regular walkers often like to sit in their cars nearby and read or listen to music while waiting, so you may not see anybody standing around. Just stand in the area five minutes before the start time, and if anyone else is there for the walk, they should show up.

Monday through Friday   
6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Weekday evening walking route diagram Click on the thumbnail at left or get the PDF to see our usual weekday evening walking route. We leave the parking lot at 6:05 p.m. sharp and walk the route in a clockwise fashion, ending at the starting point about 7 p.m. If you arrive late, you may be able to join the group somewhere along the route.

Newcomer Tips

Wear comfortable walking shoes or lightweight hiking boots, and layered outerwear appropriate for the weather. An umbrella or rain gear are suggested for wet weather. You may also want to carry a small water bottle and wear a hat and sunglasses on warm, sunny days. A flashlight and reflective strips on clothing are recommended for evening walks in the dark when we're on Pacific Standard Time, although we usually make do with available street lights.

Walking shoes should fit snugly and provide adequate padding and protection for your feet on pavement and uneven ground. Shoes that may feel comfortable in your living room or walking across the parking lot to the supermarket may be unsuitable for walking several miles outdoors, so choose accordingly.

Good Poor
New Balance running shoe New Balance hiking shoe
walking slipper leather clogs
Birkenstock slipper high heels

The weekday evening walks are easier and are recommended for beginners. We go up and down some moderate hills, covering about 2.7 miles in an hour.

Our Saturday morning walks are generally more strenuous:  The usual routine takes us from the Morgan Hill Library parking lot up the slope of El Toro, an elevation gain of about 700 ft over a total distance of about 3.7 miles in 90 minutes.  If you are out of shape and haven't walked for a while, consider joining the group on weekday evenings and walk regularly for a couple of weeks before attempting the Saturday walk.  Then you'll say, " That was easy," instead of becoming discouraged and quitting before you really started! If you've been a couch potato for a long time, figure on sticking with it for at least six weeks until you build up stamina.

Members may elect to skip walking on some holidays, or if the weather is very nasty. If no one else shows up at the appointed place and time, try again on the next walking day!

Spread the Word

Help spread the word about the group's activities with a printable PDF flyer that you can post in your workplace or give to friends.

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